The workshop

The CréaSon workshop Eco-Logical by Sylvain Grenier is now registered into the Répertoire de ressources culture-éducation, within the scope of the Culture in the School program. MELS

Give your children the unique opportunity to meet the musician-designer of the CréaSon Show! The participants will benefit from the assistance and advice from the expert of reinvented percussion while providing a creative environmusical effort!

The CréaSon Workshop:

reusing, building and experimenting with music

Musician and designer Sylvain Grenier will be the conductor for the piece “Déchets-d’œuvres” (JunkMasterPieces), which will feature little budding geniuses bursting with creativity who will improvise on the prototype they built with reused and recycled items! CréaSon aims to promote young people’s musical creativity and increase their self-esteem by promoting persistence in school and their environmental beliefs:

Save the planet!

The workshop (54 minutes with the artist)

Drawing inspiration from the host, the CréaSon Educational Guide (found at the website, and their very own ideas, the students will bring in the classroom one or more items pulled out of the home recycling bin to build the prototype of a musical instrument.

The instrument will be built solo and then will be toyed with in small groups, then while interacting with other students. Every child will have the opportunity to play his/her instrument, to play it and describe it. At the end of the workshop, an improvisation will be filmed and all the participants will be able to play “JunkMasterPieces”, since the children will have built masterpieces from junk, naturally!

The goal of the workshop is to foster a direct contact between the participants and the artist. So, the artist will play on their prototypes, will listen and congratulate the budding creators, giving them tips to perfect them. Talk about a nice way to promote children’s ingenuity while encouraging them to express themselves!
Teachers will be able to reinvest the artist's pedagogical approach, by managing an instrument decoration workshop with their students and by carrying out the other suggested activities.
The CréaSon Workshop stimulates the creative potential of children and falls into children’s environmental concerns with the aim to promote self-esteem and foster persistence in school.


Each participant is invited to imagine the prototype of the instrument he wishes to create from recycled items. Should the participant seem to be lacking inspiration, no worries! CréaSon’s workshop will light up the spark of his creative imagination and will definitely put stars in his eyes!

The preparation for the workshop includes reusing items that will end up as, for example, the basis for a drum o’fun, a guitar o’fun, a moose o’fun or a can o’fun… well everything that can be turned into “fun”!

Suggested material and items
(to be brought at least two weeks before the workshop)

Here are some suggestions: please do not hesitate to let your imagination run wild and invent your very own custom-made instruments!

• Cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes (tissue, cereal, etc.): they will be used as drums, as a sound box for guitars or as a table for the various items that will be glued.
• Empty tin cans that are trimmed (without sharp edges). Please note that the cans that have been cut open by an electric can opener must be covered by tape.
• Yogurt or margarine jars with lids, etc.
• Bottles of all shapes and sizes.
• Cardboard tubes. (Tip: carpet merchants are a good source!). They will be used as rainsticks or maracas.
• Chopsticks, pencils, wood pins, tree branches.
• Bamboo sticks (normally used as skewers).
• Keys of all types. (Not your household keys! Please visit your local locksmith, he will certainly have a few unusable keys to give to you).
• Old pots and pans with lids.
• Boxes of crackers and/or chips.
• Rice, lentils, macaronis, peas and various grains according to the desired sounds!
• Tape (2 cm wide) and cotton tape (for hockey sticks).
• Tennis ball cans (tennis court trash bins are full of them!).
• Cotton threads (hockey skates laces are the best!).

• Fishing line (for chimes or guitars).

• Rubber bands of all sizes.
• Balloons, scissors, stick glue.
• Copper plumbing pipes.

• Pails, spoons, wrenches.
• Large 5 gallon (18.9 l) water jugs

Forbidden in primary school:

• Glass bottles or containers.
• Precision knifes (X-acto®-type blade).
• Balls.
• Pressurized containers (for example, those with CFC).
• Whistles (unless approval by teachers for a specific project).

Workshop Schedule

Upon his arrival, the artist will call upon two “volunteers” to help him carry his equipment in a room with tables (and chairs if so desired) large enough to welcome the expected number of participants.

Each participant will bring his own personal items, scissors as well as a sufficient dose of happiness!

The person in charge will plan extra items for participants who would forget theirs, glue guns and glue sticks, a big recycling bin, a trash can and a place for unused items.

The workshop begins...

1- with the goal of instilling a sense of marvel in the participants and inspiring them in their creative process; the artist will introduce the "xylo-hockey" while playing The Simpsons Theme, will make the "moose'o'fun" with a container borrowed from a participant and show many other prototypes of his own. (10 minutes)
2- This is followed by supervised building with clear instructions. To help the budding creators with transforming their object into an instrument, the artist will use a drill, a glue gun, scotch tape, rope, chopsticks, etc. (32 minutes).
3- Then everyone plays their own instrument and will be photographed and/or filmed if it is approved by the school; the artist will then congratulate each participant and will issue a few comments in order to improve the instrument as well as the technique to play it. The resulting images (pictures and videos) will be submitted to the school. (6 minutes)
4- Lastly, the laboratory makes way to an environmusical party where the participants, helped by the musician-conductor, improvise and create a musical piece titled "JunkMasterPieces," since they will have created masterpieces from junk, naturally… The artist will thank everybody for helping save the planet! (4 minutes).
5) The participants pick up and put away their gear (scraps and all kinds of material). (2 minutes)


After the workshop, the prototypes will be kept at the school – probably in the music classroom or under the care of the custodian – and will be eventually used for the CréaSon show and other activities suggested by the teachers.

Please note that the student will have the opportunity to build his or her instrument and perfect it according to the comments from the artist and the music teacher. Often times, the participants are more than eager to make new ones! Decoration of the prototype will be done in the classroom, according to the teacher's instructions.





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